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There are some days, when I come to my senses and all of a sudden realize - that I've been living without being aware of where I am standing at and what I am doing. Many people, who live in present day society only look ahead. They believe going one or two step ahead of everyone is the only way to be on the fast track of success.
Now, we should listen attentively to our inner self.

So that we may exist as we are.
So that I don't go against the stream of my own world because of other people.

I intend to leave myself as it is, so that I could genuinely go my own way - like a ripple spreading out serenely.

I will be a man standing one step behind of the stream of times.

A person, who can delightfully let himself be lost in meditation even while fighting amidst the raging waves of the time.

  • Choreographed by Hyuk KWON

  • Tour size 4 in total
    (2 dancers, 1 lighting director, 1 tour manager)

  • Duration 17 mins

  • Approximate stage size 11m x 15m

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