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If conflict between ideologies sustain, the transition towards disorder begins to develop. Entropy ultimately reaches a maximum and finally settles into a stable condition. However, this order inevitably collapses into chaos, evolving once again into a settled disorder, and the cycle repeats itself. This phenomenon manifests itself in many situations. For example the gaps between the rich and poor, racial discrimination, power structures in society, etc. alludes to the universal tendency toward entropy in describing asymmetric points presented on the surface, showing that equlibrium is impermanent and no sense of order is ever unchangeable. Through energetic movement, performers express their evolved selves in relation to nature and the human persona that have gone through infinite cycles of equilibrium and chaos.

  • Choreographed by Jaeyoung LEE

  • Tour size 5 in total
    (1 Choreographer, 2 dancers, 1 lighting director, 1 tour manager)

  • Duration 20 mins

  • Approximate stage size 11m x 15m

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