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 Frame of Frame 

What does ‘frame’ mean to us in the world?

Our life always exists in a frame.

The frame can be a society, a nation, or also can be nature or a planet. 

Putting the structure and figure of body into various social structures we belong to, it describes how people live in all existing ‘frames’ as they are constrained, or sometimes they become free again.

<Frame of Frame> is a new piece as a part of <Mechanism>, the serial repertoire of Jaeyoung LEE, which starting from a simple hand gesture, and amplifying the movements by building up other gestures step by step. It intends to express how a human lives within the social structure by some newly discovered movements methods through the <Mechanism>.

  • Choreographed by Jaeyoung LEE

  • Tour size ? in total
    (2 dancers, 1 lighting director, 1 tour manager)

  • Duration 17 mins

  • Approximate stage size 11m x 15m

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