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In 2013 and Equilibrium in 2014, the choreographer displayed that neither everlasting balance nor order of consistency exist. This time, through the infinite repetition of balance and imbalance, the evolution of men, and the change and development of human relations as people affect each other endlessly, the choreographer shows that people can ultimately reach the state of ‘=’ or that such hope exists. The movement starts from the hands, extends out to the other parts of the body, and eventually expands throughout the entire body. With continued development and solidarity of independent and individual dancers, the state of equilibrium is created.

  • Choreographed by Jaeyoung LEE

  • Tour size 9 in total
    (4 dancers, 2 musicialns, 1 stage manager, 1 lighting director, 1 tour manager)

  • Duration 20 mins

  • Approximate stage size 11m x 15m

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